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Zipadee-Zip Slumber Sacks from Sleeping Baby Make the Swaddle Transition a Breeze

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I love, love, LOVED the baby-baby stage with each of my girls.  I joke with them now that I am going to find a way to shrink them back to just a few weeks old so that I can snuggle them at will and carry them around everywhere.  It was so easy when you could just wrap them up like a little burrito and they would calm right down; well, for our youngest it was that easy!  She loved to be swaddled as tight as you could get her, but our oldest, well, she liked to be snuggled up, but wanted more freedom.  With that in mind, I wish I had known about Sleeping Baby’s Zipadee-Zip Slumber Sacks!  These swaddle transition sleep sacks are the perfect answer to babies like my Miss Goose who want to feel safe and warm, but just want to move!    

Zipadee Zip Swaddle to Sleep

As any mom or dad can tell you, most days it is nearly impossible to swaddle baby as tight as they do in the hospital; and that only gets more difficult as they get bigger!  The Zipadee-Zip can help baby sleep better by providing creating a snug sleep space, that keeps baby feeling safe and warm, while allowing them the movement that as they get bigger, they crave! 

The Zipadee-Zip slumber sack features a unique “grow with me” style where each size range allows for more movement and helps baby transition from the tight swaddle, to sleeping peacefully in pajamas!  I love that they have covered hands – since Miss LadyBug had talons for fingernails, I imagine that both she and I would have experienced a lot less scratches and bouts of crying as a result of said scratches – not to mention the added bonus of keeping their little hands toasty warm, all night long!

The Zipadee-Zip slumber sacks are available in many colors, patterns and even in a fleece version that are great for girls or boys.  They are easy to wash, easy to wear and the perfect gift for the new baby in your life.  Visit Sleeping Baby and Zipadee-Zip on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to learn more about their products, specials and baby sleep tips!  Something else you might want to do: Like Sleeping Baby on Facebook to enter their monthly giveaway!