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New Interactive Toy from Hasbro – Furby Boom

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I absolutely love it when toys that I played with as a child make a comeback and delight my children as much as they did for me when I was young.  I recently found out that Hasbro had reintroduced their classic interactive toy, the Furby, but this time with some upgrades changes, bringing us the Furby Boom!  We received Furby Boom interactive toys in exchange for my honest opinion.

What did I think?

When I first saw the Furby Boom box, I thought that it looked very much the same as the Furby I had as a tween and loved very much; however when it opened its eyes, I knew we were in for something different!

Furby Boom Smart Eyes

 As expected, my girls had an immediate and squeal-filled reaction with them cooing over how cute and adorable their new “baby” was and quick discussions about fur color, voice sound and temperament.   Other than the smart-tech eyes that glow in the dark (hence my photos showing glow-eye Furby!), the Furby Boom is a fully interactive toy with smart technology such as your phone and tablet.  I jumped into the app store and downloaded the free Furby Boom app and the girls were able to quickly name their new furry friend (Ah-Bay, for the record) and start to access Ah-Bay’s many needs such as eating, toileting, playing, laying eggs and more.  There is even a medical facility where you can scan your Furby Boom for illnesses such as Furbatitis and you must mix a custom concoction to cure your ailing Furby before it is too late. 

Furby Boom Light Up Eyes

Yes, I mentioned toileting Furby.  This is likely my girls’ favorite feature.  Why, you ask?  Because potty humor is funny!  And when you are four and six, it is downright hysterical that your Furby left unique objects in the toilet.  I will admit, I giggle every time! 

Another fun feature to this new interactive toy is how they interact with one another  – but two Furby Booms near one another and get ready to laugh!  They will start to talk in a mix of Furbish and the pieced together English that they have learned from you (ours enjoys saying “Mind – Blown!” whenever you tell it about something new).  These conversations among toys are often funny and completely random which keeps our kids laughing.  There are also an assortment of fun games that you can play with your Furby that have an educational spin and will get your children to think outside the box.

The Verdict

This new and improved interactive toy from Hasbro is a fun and funny way to engage your kids and introduce caretaking skills.  My girls make sure that the Furby is well-fed, showered, having fun and not ill each day before they lovingly tuck her into bed (for the record – laying it on its back and saying firmly “Goodnight Furby” will put it to sleep!).  You can find the Furby Boom in many stores in the interactive toy area or online at Amazon and Hasbro.   You can also follow Furby Boom on Facebook to get the scoop on new Furby Boom products and fun games!