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NeoCell Collagen Serum and Refreshing Herbal Mist

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Savory Savings - Bringing you natural/green reviews, giveaways and more!

NeoCell Collagen Serum and Refreshing Herbal Mist

NeoCell_logoSometimes you just happen upon products that work.  Something that you did not expect to love as much as you do, but once you use it, you know you cannot go back to not using it!  Awhile ago, I told you about a natural skin and beauty supplement company, NeoCell, and how their Beauty Bursts helped save my forehead!  I have continued to use the Beauty Bursts and have seen even more improvement with the deep lines that were forming in my forehead!  I was also lucky enough to try the Fresh Mint Chocolate flavor for the last month and now am torn about which flavor I love more: Fruit Punch or Fresh Mint Chocolate.  If you are looking for a delicious, easy way to bring liveliness back to your face and decrease (and maybe eliminate!) some lines, I highly recommend the Beauty Bursts!  Check out my results!

I was lucky enough to receive two other products from NeoCell in exchange for my honest opinion.  I received the Collagen Radiance Serum and the Refreshing Herbal Mist. 

What did I think?

neocell_herbalThe Collagen Radiance Serum is a time-release serum full of great nutrients for your skin such as Vitamins C and E complex.  This product is free of parabens, so you can rest easily while applying it to your face.  I used this serum on my neck as I was worried that my neck would be the next to go on this aging process (after paying particular attention to some family members’ aging downfalls!).  I am happy to share that the skin on my neck feels smoother, tighter and skin really does appear healthier.  I will definitely be keeping this as part of my daily routine to ensure that my neck does not get that rooster waddle look in the future!  Most people believe that they can tell a woman’s age by her face, but in my opinion, her neck tells the story!  You can cover a lot on your face with makeup; you cannot hide saggy neck skin with a good foundation!

So now with my Beauty Bursts and Radiance Serum, my skin is feeling better than it has in a long time.  But the weather in Wisconsin likes to foil my skin and plays with this hot and cold business.  The ever changing weather frequently results in me having episodes of dry skin.  Or when it is really muggy out, an oil production overdrive!  The Refreshing Herbal Mist comes to my rescue for both of these problems!  Hot outside and your face is feeling a bit melty?  This purse-sized bottle is perfect for a few spritz to give you a healthy glow, promote healthier skin and give you a quick ‘pick-me-up’.  I was at the air show earlier this summer and despite sunscreen, ended up with some wicked sunburn.  The Refreshing Herbal Mist was a lifesaver at work when my skin started to peel and itch.  A few sprays and my skin would calm down and feel so much better and I think it helped my sunburn heal more quickly, too.  This mist has a light and airy scent that is both calming and pleasant so as to not call attention to you having applied a “beauty product”.  I love that there are no artificial fragrances or parabens in this mist!

The Verdict

NeoCell has definitely won me over with another great Beauty Burst flavor (now to limit myself to two a day as recommended!) and two great skin products that will help me look my best as I march toward 30 this fall!  If you are looking to improve your skin’s health, I would recommend trying these products out!  While you are perusing their site, don’t forget to visit them on Facebook and Twitter, too!

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