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Savory Savings - Bringing you natural/green reviews, giveaways and more!

Improve your Yoga Poses with GAIAM Yoga Props!

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One way that I have been increasing my workout ability is by making myself more flexible.  I have found that yoga helps me not only accomplish this, but also helps tremendously with my stress levels, too!  The problem I regularly run into though is, I get frustrated by not being able to do some of the more complex or bendy moves because of my curvier disposition.  GAIAM is a leader in products related to yoga, fitness and eco-friendly living.  I received some great yoga props to improve my skills, flexibility and balance in exchange for my hones opinion.


What did I think?

I was really excited to get back into yoga after taking a break from it after our last baby.  I knew it would be hard for me to get back into it because I am often that person who gets frustrated if I can’t do something I either used to be able to do, or can’t do something well (or even remotely well!).  Right away I felt that frustration when I started working through my basic yoga poses when I realized that I was not bending and stretching in the same ways as before or couldn’t hold a pose as long.  That is where the yoga brick and yoga strap come into play and really bring you some confidence! 

When I tried to move into the boat pose, I realized my core just was not ready to go there on its own.  By utilizing the yoga strap around my feet, I was able to get into the position and hold it for a steady count.  Now, do not be fooled by the use of the yoga strap!  My core is still working and in fact, after awhile, I was shaking like a leaf, definitely letting me know that I need to keep doing this pose to improve my core strength!  I have also been using the yoga strap to help get into and hold yoga poses with more ease, as well as make sure I am not straining myself by holding an incorrect pose.  The yoga strap from GAIAM is made from organic cotton, so you can feel great knowing that the materials used to make this durable yoga strap are safe, too!

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Now the block, this is the yoga prop that runs the gauntlet!  From helping you with everything from balance to support, flexibility to position – these sturdy blocks are a go-to for me!  I have been using the yoga block to help with my side planks since I am not quite at the full extension reach.  By using this sturdy yoga block, I am saving my back and knees (by using a proper stance), but still getting a great stretch and intense core workout!  Not only am I getting a better workout and feeling good about it, but I can feel good that the GAIAM cork yoga block that I received is made from all-natural materials.  I have used Styrofoam yoga blocks in the past, but I always had a twinge of guilt about the materials and on top of that, they are not all that study.  This cork yoga block is incredibly sturdy and perfect for all yoga users!

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The Verdict

As a returning yoga enthusiast, I am excited to be able to improve my poses, deepen my stretches and complete poses that might otherwise not work for my body (at the moment!), by using the GAIAM yoga block and yoga strap.  If you have wanted to try yoga, but worried about not being able to do the poses, consider picking up a yoga block and strap to give it a fair shot.  You can learn more about GAIAM incredible line of yoga and fitness products by visiting them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!  You can find GAIAM items for purchase on their website, Amazon and even at Target!

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