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Healthier Skin for Men with Kyoku Lotions and Scrubs

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Healthier Skin for Men with Kyoku Lotions and Scrubs

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Have you ever noticed that when you go to the store there are aisles and aisles of women’s bath and shower products and even more aisles of lotions for women?  But for men, there is usually half of one shelf?  When men want a product that meets their specific skin needs, they are limited but now they can jump online and pick up Kyoku – a men’s line of cleansers and body care products specially formulated to give men healthier skin!  We received a body scrub and lotion for my husband in exchange for my honest opinion!

What did we think of the Kyoku products?

Kyoku offers a vast variety of face and body products for men in a variety of scents and styles.  The elements line is particularly interesting as it draws in an aromatherapy aspect to the body care process. 

The body lotion that hubby received is in the Fire scent.  This lotion has an earthy scent with a touch of ginger.  It applies smoothly and evenly and a little goes a long way.  He has been using this on his elbows and knees regularly and noticed a difference right away.  It left his skin feeling softer and definitely more hydrated than it has in a long time!  As an added bonus, I absolutely LOVE this scent!  It definitely has a saucy vibe that draws my attention!

The body scrub is in the Wind scent and it is amazing!  This has a very clean and masculine scent that is quite attractive for sure!  I definitely approve of this!  But how does it work?  Well, it is great!  I finally talked hubby into switching over to body wash a few months ago and that helped his skin, so moving him to body scrub took just a little more encouragement.  But now he is hooked!  The gentle exfoliation has improved his skin from blemishes, as well as leaving it clean and feeling great!

The Verdict

The body scrub and lotion from Kyoku are high-quality, work well and smell great.  I would recommend these as a gift for the man in your life.   You can pick up Kyoku for men from Amazon and if you have Prime, get free shipping!

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