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Feel Better & Make your House Smell Great with an Essential Oil Diffuser

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We love to use essential oils in our house for everything from basic first aid (love Thieves oil for pretty much everything!) to moods and even just for making the house smell nice!  I was excited to receive an essential oil diffuser from Gurin in exchange for my honest opinion.

essential oil diffuser improves health and well being

What did I think of the Gurin Essential Oil Diffuser?

This mini diffuser is a great and attractive way to better integrate essential oils into your daily life.  Often times I hear from friends that they would use essential oils more, but they do not know how else they can be used.   I will definitely be recommending that they pick up this essential oil diffuser – it is attractive with a simple cylinder style and black flower detailing – hubby wasn’t a huge fan of the detailing, but that was easy enough to deal with and just turn around the cylinder – easy peasy!  The diffuser also has a color changing option – it has four different colors (white, red, blue and green) that can be brightened or darkened for eight total settings.  I like this for setting a mood, or even helping improve a mood if that is the type of oil I am using.   Added bonus, it makes a great and soothing nightlight for kids – I used it in the girls’ room when they were sick – so it played double duty, misting Thieves oil and providing a gentle light!


The diffuser is easy to use and well-marked with the fill line, as well as coming with a handy filling container.  The instructions were easy to follow and gave great tips on things to avoid to minimize the chance of ruining the unit.

I like that I can use less essential oils overall to get similar effects with other uses.  Just two or three drops with the water and you have a great amount of time and use ready to go!

The Verdict

If you are in the market for an essential oil diffuser, I recommend you check this one out!  No heat is used, so the essential oil molecules stay intact and the unit has a safety switch to turn itself off should it run out of water. I like the timer setting so that I don’t have to worry about wasted energy, but even if I were not using that setting, this really does have low impact on energy use!  Definitely a great unit!