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Big Sound with the Wireless Bluetooth Speaker from LuguLake

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I have an old car.  I mean, not antique by any means, but I am within five years of hitting the 20 year mark, which I think allows me to apply for some sort of special license plates…anyways, I digress.  The point of that is, my car is old and therefore, I am still rocking out to my Britney Spears “One More Time” album since it has a single disc CD player that doesn’t always cooperate and I am afraid to take it out because another may never go in.  The rest of my music library (including B. Spears) is on my iPhone, but if I try to listen to it in the car, the road noise is too loud for me to really get my jam on and embarrass my children appropriately.  Fortunately for me (unfortunately for the kiddos??), I received a wireless Bluetooth speaker from LuguLake that is perfect for my on the go music moments! 

What did I think of the LuguLake Wireless Bluetooth Speaker?

This wireless Bluetooth speaker is tiny – but it is mighty!  I am really impressed with the sound it outputs and enjoy using it in my car as a way to listen to my music whenever and wherever I go.  I can also easily listen to my podcasts while on the go, so I feel like I am keeping current on world events and making a better use of my time!

The Wireless Bluetooth Speaker from LuguLake is easy to use and even has speakerphone capability.  I find that to be a nice way for our girls to be able to chat with different family members on the phone since they can easily hear whoever it is without worrying about if they are holding the phone correctly (or securely!). 

LuguLake Wireless Bluetooth Speaker

LuguLake Wireless Bluetooth Speaker photo from LuguLake

The one I received is a fun, bright blue that I love!  It adds a pop of color to my car or wherever else I take it and I love that!

The Verdict

The wireless Bluetooth speaker from LuguLake offers great sound quality at its price point, easy use and a good battery life. It also charges quickly when plugged into your computer, or with a USB compatible adapter.   Learn more about LuguLake on Facebook and Twitter!

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