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Beat Boredom with Fun Family Games from Winning Moves!

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I have a love/hate relationship with spring and early summer in Wisconsin.  The weather can be so finicky here!  Beautiful, warm and sunny one day: cold, rainy (and even snow!) the next.  Keeping the kids entertained on those days when the weather doesn’t let them run about outside can be tricky, but my favorite go-to activity is a fun family game day or games the girls can play together (so I can get things done around the house!).  We received some great family games from Winning Moves and we are beating boredom with them!

What did we think of the family games from Winning Moves?

Winning Moves always has a great selection of kid-friendly, family games that everyone can enjoy.  What’s more, is that they introduce new fun games, alongside reintroducing old games that will make you smile with that nostalgic feeling as you teach your children to play.  For me, one of those games is Guess Who?  Guess Who? Was one of my favorite games to play as a child with my mom and aside from the joy of hearing those little flaps clack into place when you hold it upside down to reset your board – I learned a lot about deductive reasoning and investigative skills through this game!

Family Game Fun with Winning Moves and Guess Who

The girls were pretty excited to play this game and got into it right away.  I loved watching how it quickly became competitive and our oldest even segued into great questions that would eliminate a lot of players all at once with one simple “yes or no” question!  This is a great game to have around too because it is played quickly, yet different every time (and you can make it more challenging by banning certain questions, etc) as well as portable.  We have taken this in the car with us so that the girls could play together and we didn’t get the “Mom! Dad! Are we there yet” chorus until much later in the trip (no electronics required!).

Fun Family Games from Winning Moves USA Connect 4 Twist

In the realm of making old games new – Winning Moves is a leader there, too!  Remember Connect 4?  Well, now there is Connect 4 Twist & Turn!  They have taken the old blue rectangle board and twisted it up into a hexagonal prism of fun!  In the new version you have to really think multiple steps ahead to get where you want to go and get your four in a row before your opponent does!  I think hubby and I have been enjoying this one more than the girls simply for our competitive sides!

Fun Family Games from Winning Moves USA fish fish s

And for a new family favorite, there is Fish Fish Squish! For a fun factor, you first get to use some colored modeling dough to whip up some fish pieces as part of the game.  Next up, try to get three cards in a row so that you can squish your opponents’ fish before they squish yours!  The girls definitely get a lot of joy out of this game and I think it has become a sort of silly game of fish squishing – the tag line is “The Squish or be Squished Family Game” and that alone is enough to get our family having a good time for sure!

The Verdict

If you are facing a rainy day or looking for something fun to do together at night – I recommend picking up a fun family game from the Winning Moves lineup!  You can learn more about the great offerings from Winning Moves USA by visiting them on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest!


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