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Savory Savings - Bringing you natural/green reviews, giveaways and more!

Have a Wild Earth Day with Wild Oats Organic at Walmart!

April 22 marks two important days on our calendar: Miss LadyBug’s birthday and Earth Day!  And for our family those are big deals!  Miss LadyBug takes sharing her birthday with Mother Earth very seriously and every year we commit to a new green goal to improve the way we treat the Earth!  This year, we are pledging to grow more of our own foods and buy exclusively organic for the things we cannot or do not grow.  Why you ask?  Well, organic growth techniques keep the ground cleaner (better drinking water), as well as promoting a safer, healthier and better exchange of things like carbon, which can help in the good fight against global warming! 

So our family will be doing our part with three meals a day (and multiple snacks in between!) by eating organic and one of our favorite brands for fulfilling that need is Wild Oats!  Wild Oats organic products can be found at your local Walmart and you will be so happy that you gave them a try!  Worried that you cannot eat organic because of budget restraints?  Worry no more – I love to eat organic and with Wild Oats it is easy to do it on a budget!  One of my favorite organic foods from Wild Oats is the unsweetened applesauce.  At around $1.98 for a 23 ounce jar, I am getting a major deal!  Not to mention a healthier snack for my family.  This tasty organic applesauce is flavorful, has no added sugars or dyes and even is available in the handy dandy snack packs for easy packing in lunches!

Have a Wild Earth Day with Wild Oats Organic at Walmart!

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Get Mom a Personalized Phone Case from The Case Studio!

With Mother’s Day right around the corner, gift ideas are flying every which way, but don’t settle for the regular “chocolate and flowers” routine, get mom something she will actually use and love!  I received a beautiful personalized phone case from The Case Studio in exchange for my honest opinion – and I love it!  I think this personalized phone case makes a wonderful gift idea for moms, grads, dads and everyone else, too! 

What did I think of the personalized phone case from The Case Studio?

It seems to me that often when you get a phone case you have to choose between style and protection and for someone like me (and I mean: someone prone to dropping her phone, a lot.), that is a tough decision.  With The Case Studio, I don’t have to make that decision (nor pray that my insurance still covers the dropped phone one time more!).  The Case Studios offers personalized tech covers for everything from iPhones to Androids, tablets to laptops – you can find a case for everyone on your list!   These cases are both durable and fashionable (or cool, if that’s what you’re going for!).  Made with a super thin polymer shell that is completely customizable that fits over a silicone insert, your phone is well protected.  I have dropped my phone in this personalized phone case on several surfaces (this all in the course of my usual goings, not even in the name of review!) including concrete, wood and the grass and each time, my phone emerged looking great.  I like that the case has a slight “lip” that keeps the screen elevated from potential rough surfaces that could scratch the screen – a definite must for me!

Personalized Phone case from The Case Studio #technology #phonecase

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Cute Boots & More Affordable Fashion for Kids from FabKids!

When it comes to fashion for kids, okay, fine – fashion in general.  My Miss Goose is far and away more fashionable than me!  This girl has an innate ability to put together fun and beautiful outfits that are fashion-forward not only for the first grade crowd, but for people in general!  One of her favorite places to get pieces for her outfits is FabKids – the affordable and perfect place to grab fashion for kids!  We received a pair of beautiful glitter boots for Miss Goose to check out in exchange for our opinions and she is over the moon!

Fun Fashion for Kids at a Price you can Afford

Ever since we discovered FabKids, Miss Goose has been in love with all of their lines and tells me how she likes that the pieces work together so she can combine them in different ways to make new outfits.  And I have to say, I love that too!  Not just because there is variety, but because it makes my dollar go further!  Their leggings can go with multiple outfits (and are perfect for this in between weather – cold and rainy one day – leggings down – sunny and nice the next, pulled up a bit for a petal pusher length!) and the tops can be worn with skirts or pants to create all new looks or go for more seasons.

FabKids affordable fashion for kids with boots

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Weeknight Chorizo Burrito Recipe – Fast & Freezer Friendly!

At our house, it is one of our rules that if we’re in the house during a meal time, we all sit down and eat together.  But sometimes we are still in a hurry, so I like to have some quick recipes on hand that I can either make ahead to heat up or make on the spot in a jiffy!  This weeknight chorizo burrito recipe is flavorful, fun – completely customizable for even the pickiest of eaters and the best part – you can make them ahead of time, keep them in the freezer and pull out what you need to heat and eat!

Weeknight Chorizo Burrito Recipe #recipe #cooking #familyfriendly

 Weeknight Chorizo Burrito Recipe

What do I need? 

The amounts will vary based on how many you are making – so get creative!

  • Tortillas (I like to use medium sized ones for max filling without it getting to be a burrito the size of my arm
  • Chorizo sausage, browned and drained
  • Refried beans (black or pinto)
  • Crema (or sour cream if you cannot find crema)
  • Cheese (I recommend the VV Supremo Queso Chihuahua – DELISH!)
  • Cilantro
  • Extras: onions, tomatoes, olives – anything really, just have fun and be daring!

Weeknight Chorizo Burrito Recipe #recipe #cooking #familyfriendly

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Spa Treatments at Home with Portable Laser Light Therapy

For years, I have dealt with scars on my body from either injury or a terrible bout of chicken pox when I was a small child as well as from terrible acne when I was a teen (oh, the horror!).  Most of the time I could cover with makeup or clothing, but as I’ve gotten older, I have become more stubborn about these sorts of things, yet still maintaining a level of self awareness with them.  It was this combination that made me super excited to try out the Bright Therapy SL50 Evolution Laser Light Therapy.

What did I think of the Bright Therapy SL50 Evolution Laser Light Therapy?

It’s funny, how sometimes when you think about doing something to your skin, how you are nervous or even weirded out by the idea of it, right?  I mean, that’s a little how I felt about trying out the Bright Therapy SL50 Evolution Laser Light Therapy at home.  Which is weird –I’ve done laser light therapy at the spa and in fact, I do infrared sauna therapy once or twice a month at a friend’s wellness studio.  With that in mind, I decided to really think about the benefits and the first that came to mind was the savings potential.  Yes, purchasing the Bright Therapy SL50 Evolution Laser Light Therapy on Amazon does require some cash outlay at first – BUT, when you use the simple price per use theory, you will quickly realize (like I did!) just how much you can save in the long run.  By using this on a near daily basis the unit paid for itself in a very short span of time – definitely a marker for me of a good reason to spend a little more on the front end to save in the long run.

Bright Therapy SL50 Evolution Laser Light Therapy

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Baby Shower Gift Idea: DayDreamer Infant Sleeper Seat!

Well friends, I can tell you now – the newest baby in our life is a very handsome little guy!  My sister had a beautiful baby boy and as a new auntie, I am very excited to get in all of that wonderful baby snuggle time that I lost when my girls went and grew up on me (who allowed for that?!?!).  Hubby and I passively talk about growing our brood, but for now, I’ll settle for snuggling my new nephew, spoiling him and sending him home when it’s time for bed!  Speaking of which, now that he is here, I can share my newest review with him when he comes over and I’m babysitting: the DayDreamer Infant Sleeper Seat!  I received this infant sleeper seat in exchange for my honest opinion.

DayDreamer infant sleeper seat logo

What did I (and the baby!) think of the DayDreamer Infant Sleeper Seat?

As a mom, I have to say – I am completely impressed with the DayDreamer Infant Sleeper Seat!  This lightweight inclined seat positions babies at the perfect angle to promote relaxation and sleep (SO important with newborns!) as well as just the right angle for reflux, colic and other gastrointestinal symptoms that little one may be experiencing.   Since it is so lightweight, my sister can carry it from room to room and the little guy can rest peacefully while she gets things done (bathroom break!) without having to worry where he is. 

Daydreamer infant sleeper seat comfortable for baby

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