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Savory Savings - Bringing you natural/green reviews, giveaways and more!

Soy Glaze-Miso Chicken Stir Fry Recipe Fea Fortune Udon Noodles!

With school starting soon, that means we have to balance our days and nights with school and after-school activities including soccer, swim and dance (and don’t forget PTA, Girl Scouts and violin lessons!).  Busy nights usually mean quick meals at our house, but I still want the kids to get a healthy meal that tastes great – so I turn to many variations of my stir fry recipes!  Fortunately for my kids, I was challenged by JSL Foods to create a stir fry recipe using their Fortune Udon Noodles and I was definitely up for that challenge – simply because we love a good stir fry, and I had been playing with some ideas that I wanted to try!  I recently had a rice dish using miso paste and thought of that tasty flavor and how it would go well in other dishes – so here we have my take on a chicken stir fry recipe featuring Fortune Udon Noodles and that mouth-watering miso!

Soy Glaze-Miso Chicken Stir Fry Recipe Fea Fortune Udon Noodles!

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Milwaukee LEGO KidFest Ticket Giveaway!

Did you know? Laid end to end, the number of LEGO bricks sold in a year would reach more than five times around the world.  In our house, LEGO bricks are a big deal (if only a bit painful when I step on them!).  Our girls are huge fans of these tiny studded bricks and have spent countless hours building houses, cars, fantasy lands and more.  I read recently that worldwide, children have spent a collective five billion hours playing with LEGO bricks and my girls have contributed quite a bit of build time to that!   If your kids are into playing with LEGO bricks, you will not want to miss LEGO KidsFest and luckily for you… it’s coming to the Milwaukee area in October!

LEGO KidFest is a fun filled event where kids (and kids-at-heart!) can play with (literal!) tons of LEGO bricks and see some amazing feats of building and engineering.  This is a hands-on event that encourages kids to touch, build and play – to learn and enjoy their favorite characters and so much more!  Be amazed by the LEGO Model Museum which includes life-sized models made brick-by-brick of LEGO bricks! HOLY COW!

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Hyland’s Asks What’s In Your Bag with this Natural Brands Event!

Ever since I found out I was pregnant with our oldest daughter, I suddenly needed to think outside of myself and really understand what we were putting in and on our bodies because I wanted the best and safest life for my child – and with each child of my own and each new family member (shout out to my newer niece born just one week ago!), that has intensified.  One of my favorite natural brands, Hyland’s, has put together the What’s In Your Bag? Promotion that will brings together natural brands in an amazing giveaway extravaganza!  These brands have put together some fantastic prize bags that you will want to win!  These bags are full of incredible natural products that are also paraben free and safe to share with your family (or just keep for you!) such as Hyland’s, Noyah, SheaMoisture, Jack n Jill, Babyganics, Ella’s Kitchen, Ishga Organic Skincare and Goddess Garden!  Did I tell you that each of the What’s In Your Bag? Bags also includes a $100 VISA gift card?  Yahoo!

Hyland's Natural Health products #Summertime #WhatsinYourBag #HylandsBagPicks

Let’s learn a little more about the bags and the brands!


What’s In Your Bag?

Brought to you Hyland’s!

Bag #1: Baby Beach Bag

Hyland's Natural Health products #Summertime #WhatsinYourBag #HylandsBagPicks

This interactive bag will help keep you and baby safe, clean and comfortable at the beach or just on the go. I have to say, we are HUGE fans of the Ella’s Kitchen natural puree baby foods – they are easy to take anywhere, fit in your purse and taste great, too!  This bag also includes some of our favorite safe and effective baby toiletries like the SheaMoisture line of products including lotion, baby oil rub and ointment –it’s just so smooth and soft!   Of course, this basket doesn’t end there and includes some great goodies from Hyland’s (those earache drops are a lifesaver after a day of swimming for little ones!), Babyganics, Jack N’ Jill (hello Baby Gum and Tooth wipes – where have you been all my life?!), Goddess Garden and Noyah!  **I cannot WAIT to throw the Babyganics Toy, Table & High Chair wipes into my purse!  What a great way to make sure that things are safe and clean for the kids no matter where you are! Continue reading

Celebrate National Root Beer Day with A&W and IBC Root Beer!

Growing up, one of my favorite things to do was to have Friday night root beer float nights with my grandma while my mom was at night school.  We would make our root beer floats and then cozy up on the couch to watch Wheel of Fortune – such a powerful memory.  So much so, that the scent of a perfectly made root beer float takes me back to those happy times.  I recently realized that both IBC root beer and my personal favorite A&W root beer, are both members of the expansive Dr Pepper Snapple Group!

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Sweet Organic Stuffed Animals from Bears for Humanity

Any day now, our niece will be born and I cannot even explain how excited I am to have another baby to spoil (and send home!) around in the family!  That being said, our nephew is just shy of two years old and a bit apprehensive about being a big brother.

“E, are you going to a big brother?”

“NO!  No baby!”

So while everyone is apt to fawn over the new baby (and I’ll be right there doing that, too!), I wanted to make sure that Mr. E feels just as much love and knows that all of our love will grow, not be divided up!

Fortunately I received a few amazing and cuddly organic stuffed animals from Bears for Humanity in exchange for my honest opinion!  First, let me say, just because they are called Bears for Humanity, doesn’t mean they only have bears!  These fun, organic stuffed animals come in a variety of animals and colors!  We’ve fallen into a habit of getting Mr. E dinosaur things, so it was perfect that Bears for Humanity offers a super cute dinosaur organic stuffed animal option!

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LulaRoe Legging Giveaway – 2 WINNERS!

LulaRoe Leggings Giveaway – 2 Winners!

Sponsored by: LulaRoe with Sarah & Colleen

Hosted by:  Savory Savings

LulaRoe Leggings Giveaway July 22 - August 5 #giveaway #lularoe #lularoeleggings

Have you heard about the buttery soft leggings and wonder what all the fuss is about?  Well, here is your big chance!  The lovely ladies of the fashion forward duo, LulaRoe with Sarah & Colleen are giving away TWO pairs of these incredibly soft and oh-so-comfy leggings to two very lucky readers of Savory Savings!

For Krista of, it started with a “I’ll just buy one pair to see what the fuss is all about” thought that quickly segued into a legging buying frenzy.

LLR Leggings

source: Google Images

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