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Savory Savings - Bringing you natural/green reviews, giveaways and more!

Reduce Aches & Pains with LivRelief Pain Relief Cream

This post is sponsored by LivRelief.

Reduce Aches & Pains with LivRelief Pain Relief Cream #TryLivRelief #ad

A few years ago, had you asked me my least favorite thing to do in the world and I would’ve told you gardening. Fast forward to today and I have farmed out half of our backyard in the city so that I can grow beautiful and bountiful harvests that I feed my family and friends with and donate when I can!  What started as a way to save money has become a passion that soothes my mind.  But as it turns out, while my mind is soothed, my back is not!  After a long afternoon of bending over and weeding my gardens or harvesting vegetables, my back needs a break!


Usually for pain relief, I turn to classic heat and ice, but sometimes I need something a bit more, but I still would prefer as natural as possible.  That is why I am loving LivRelief natural pain relief cream!  This 90% natural pain relief cream is available on Amazon (and Prime-eligible if you are Prime obsessed, like me!).

Reduce Aches & Pains with LivRelief Pain Relief Cream #TryLivRelief #ad

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Graduation Gift Guide 2016! Real Milwaukee!

Do you have someone graduating from high school, college or even kindergarten this year?  If so, you may also be on the hunt for the perfect graduation gift just like I was for my youngest brother (shout out to my baby bro, Patrick!).  Earlier this week I hung out with Nicole and Rob at Real Milwaukee to share some of my favorite graduation gift ideas including some great ideas from Amazing Box (it really is AMAZING!), c1950 (incredible men’s grooming products) and so may other fantastic brands that come together to make a graduation gift bonanza!  Still don’t know what to get pick up some graduation gift cupcakes or cake pops from my gals over at Itz My Party Cakery!

Graduation Gift Guide 2016

Save $10 at Noah’s Ark Water park in the Wisconsin Dells!

While summer is technically a few weeks away per the calendar, the weather is ramping up with sunny days and warm weather (finally!) here in Wisconsin!  And with Memorial Day weekend behind us, that means one of my family’s favorite Wisconsin Dells water parks, Noah’s Ark, is open for the season!

Noah's Ark Water Park #NoahsArkFun and #NoahsArkWP

With more than 70 amazing acres of amazing water fun for the whole family, Noah’s Ark water park is America’s largest water park and hand’s down – a fantastically fun family getaway! Continue reading

Staying on top of the laundry pile with all(r) sulfate-free laundry detergent

With the sheer volume of laundry that goes through my house each week, I have to believe there are other people living in my house or dropping off their laundry here that I just don’t know about!  Or having two daughters really does make the laundry pile multiply in crazy ways!  Fortunately I work from home most of the week, so I can keep up on laundry without feeling too overwhelmed (though some weeks, doing a load per day feels a bit crazy!); but I do feel a bit overwhelmed when I head to the laundry product aisle to find a good laundry detergent that is both safe and allergy-friendly for my family to use.  Fortunately for me, one of my favorite laundry detergent brands, all®, has taken the sulfates out and now I can have fresh and clean laundry without the harsh skin reaction!  Wahoo!

laundry detergent al(r) sulfate-free & fragrance free

Seriously? Where does all of this laundry come from?!

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Save Money (& time!) with Grocery Delivery from Peapod!

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If you’ve ever seen those green Peapod grocery delivery trucks around your city, you might, (like I did!) assume that it will just cost too much and you can save more money at your local grocery store.  But, follow me on my Peapod grocery delivery journey and see how Peapod can help save you on your monthly food bill via meal planning, limiting impulse buys (I don’t know how those M&Ms landed in my cart!), tracking spending and, yes, even couponing!


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Try a New Perfume Every Month with Scentbird!

I don’t know about you, but I am the worst about picking and using perfume.  I mean, in high school it was easy, right?  We all wore Love’s Baby Soft until we didn’t and then we all got that “sexy” stuff from Victoria Secret for prom – life was simpler then, but we all smelled the same and vaguely strange.  But now I find that I literally have no clue what I am doing and really hate going to the mall to be spritzed by overzealous sales ladies.  So what’s a girl to do who wants to try something new and see if I like it?  And more on that, what about trying it to see how my friends, family and hubby think of it in the perfume realm?  Now I can!  With Scentbird and around $15 per month, I can try a new perfume each month so I can expand my collection, try new scents or let Scentbird do the picking for me!

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Promote STEM Learning with an Educational Subscription Box!

This year, instead of going to summer camp, the girls will be staying at home with a teenage babysitter.  My first worry was about how to keep them from living on their electronics and maintain a level of educational activities throughout the coming months.  Fortunately, I received a super cool educational subscription box from Kiwi Crate in exchange for my honest opinion and now I know exactly how they will spend their summer days!

The Kiwi Crate educational subscription box is aimed for the five to eight-year-old crowd and really is a box of fun delivered right to your door!  Each box contains a world that children will be transported to and learn all about.

#educational #kiwicrate #stem #science #kids

Our girls are digging into the Coral Reef right now and love how the box is full of everything you need for a series of projects with clear instructions as well as suggestions to continue the fun.  Honestly, with as busy as I get at this time of the year with end of school, busy time at work, recitals, and everything else, it is a wonderful surprise to get a box that is full of ideas to keep us going! Continue reading