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#ExploreBranson Series: Titanic Museum

Among the amazing places that you can visit when you #ExploreBranson is the Titanic Museum!  Ever since I was a little girl, and long before Rose let go of Jack, I was mildly obsessed with the April 1912 sinking of the RMS Titanic.  I was fascinated by the tales of people boarding this amazing ship with dreams of travel, vacation and fun, all to be brought to end by a tragic collision and some extreme miscalculations as it relates lifeboats.  The Branson Titanic Museum is a family-friendly and interactive attraction that will engage people of all ages in the story of this ill-storied ship. 

#Titanic #ExploreBranson

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The outside of the Titanic Museum looks like the stern (that’s the front end of the boat for those of you not into the shipyard-speak) with a tip of a glacier ready to cause havoc. 

#Titanic #ExploreBranson

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#ExploreBranson Series: Silver Dollar City For Thrills & Family Fun!

When we were on our #ExploreBranson trip, we visited and toured so many beautiful and amazing places!  But if you were to ask us where the first place we would go back to in Branson is, I think we would all respond with a resounding response of Silver Dollar City!  Silver Dollar City is a 1880s-style theme park that is fun for the whole family!

Silver Dollar City theme park - fun for the whole family! #ExploreBranson

We were able to start our day there with an amazing and hearty breakfast that set us up for the best start to our day!  Following our delicious breakfast (seriously, check out the bakery there – the handmade cinnamon rolls are to die for!), we were able to check out Outlaw Run!  Named 2013’s Best New Ride and definitely a thrilling rollercoaster, I knew my thrill-seekers (hubby and Miss Goose) would be jazzed to ride this rollercoaster!  Just watching the first two climbs and drops on this coaster made my stomach drop, so I am amazed that these two loved it enough to go again and again!

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#ExploreBranson Series – Sightseeing Duck Tour with Ride the Ducks

Coming from Wisconsin, we have ridden more than one sightseeing duck tour, so we were excited to hear that Branson had a Ride the Ducks experience that we could go on!  If you have never ridden a duck, (and I don’t mean quack-quack Donald), you are in for a treat.  These land and water tour vehicles are modeled after World War II DUKWs which were military trucks wrapped neatly in a waterproof shell and sent off to war to carry troops, supplies and even weapons to our soldiers.  What is unique about the WWII DUKWs and now the Ride the Ducks is that they can go from land to water and back to land with no problem!  We were able to go on a sightseeing duck tour of Branson while we were there! 

Ride the Ducks Sightseeing Duck Tour with Captain Beacon #ExploreBranson

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#ExploreBranson Series – Sight & Sound Theatre Jonah!

One of our favorite things about our #ExploreBranson trip was learning about all the amazing shows available to see there!  You can find dinner theatre, live acrobatic shows and many, many musical performances.  We were scheduled to head to the Sight & Sound Theatre, unfortunately Miss LadyBug was ill and we missed our show – I will say, after hearing from friends who have attended and viewing videos on their site, I am so disappointed to have missed it! 

Sight & Sound Theater Jonah #ExploreBranson

The Sight & Sound Theatre features incredible musical theatre performances pulled from stories of the Bible.  This non-denominational Christian theatre features incredible sets, beautiful music and in some of the shows, live animals!  Sight & Sound Theatre is known for enhancing their performances by breaking down the fourth wall and engaging the audience into the show. 

Sight & Sound Theater Jonah #ExploreBranson

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Get Grounded Footwear Giveaway

Get Grounded Footwear Giveaway!

Sponsored by: Get Grounded

Hosted by:  Savory Savings 

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Get Grounded Earthing Sandals Giveaway July 29 - August 8 

Studies are showing that with the ground will make you feel happier and give you a better sense of well being!  Earthing or grounding footwear can help you feel that connectedness to the Earth when you are not able to be barefoot!  Krista over at Savory Savings recently had a chance to review groundals from Get Grounded and shared her thoughts in a review!

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Good Luck!

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