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All-Natural & Organic Products for Health & Beauty from Healthy Home Company

We strive to keep chemical exposure in our lives to a minimum in our house.  But it continually becomes harder and harder to recognize what ingredients are a problem and you find them lurking in everything!  I mean, even the “natural” hair gel I had been using had chemicals in it just masquerading behind tricky names and labels.  I know one company that I can trust for organic products for both personal use and household use is the Healthy Home Company!  Healthy Home Company brings to the table a host of toxic-free, all-natural and organic products that you will love.  I received an assortment of their new personal care products in exchange for my honest opinion.

Healthy Home Company Organic Products

What did I think of the organic products and beauty products from Healthy Home Company?

I am absolutely loving the new organic products from Healthy Home Company!  We’re talking natural bug spray, sunscreen, hair gel, deodorant and a men’s 2-in-1 body wash/shampoo!  These products all boast being free from harsh chemicals, as well as being paraben-free and sulfate-free!  Hooray!

Organic Products from Healthy Home Company

Repel – Healthy Home Company’s new natural bug spray is DEET-free AND it doubles as a bug bite relief spray in the event you become the main course for some mosquitoes!  This all-natural bug spray is easy to apply and has a wonderful herbal scent that you will love, too!  We have used this for when we have cookouts in the backyard – usually we are not the only ones feasting, but since using this natural bug spray, we have had minimal bug bites!  Miss LadyBug particularly loves this stuff since she is one of those people that seems to be a mosquito magnet!

Protect –  This wonderful, paraben-free sunscreen includes eight organic ingredients and no petrochemicals!  It has no scent, and applies evenly and smoothly.  It is a broad-spectrum sunscreen with SPF up to 32 meaning you should reapply every two hours (or sooner if you were swimming and wiped off with a towel, etc.)   I threw the bottle of the Protect natural sunscreen in the girls’ day camp bag, where they went swimming three out of five days per week – I am happy to say that they were protected well from the sun and not once came home with sunburn!

Renew – This all-natural hair gel is perfect for both men or women!  I love that this hair gel is free from harsh chemicals and, in fact, has natural ingredients that may stimulate hair growth and reduce or prevent hair loss!  For hubby, this hair gel helped cut back on some of the frizziness he experiences in the summer and for me, it gave my normally limp hair, a volume boost!

Fresh – The Fresh deodorant from Healthy Home Company is a wonderful alternative to the aluminum laden stuff on the store shelves!  A few quick spritzes under your arms and you are ready to go!  You can also use this as a body mist to freshen up throughout the day.  Hubby is loving this all-natural deodorant for sure!

Men’s 2-in-1 – When it comes to organic products, we are loving this one!  I love it because now I only have to get one product to cover two needs (hair and body wash!) and hubby loves it because it works!  Free from sulfates, parabens and silicones – this two-in-one shampoo and body wash is one that you can feel good about sharing with the man in your life!  Hubby says it is a refreshing wash and way to start his day after his bike ride to work and he really likes the scent, too!

Organic Products from Healthy Home Company

The Verdict

If you are looking to replace your chemical-laden beauty products with organic products – you must start with Healthy Home Company!  You have three ways to shop with Healthy Home Company – you can either just shop the site at regular prices, or sign up as a member and save 10% on all of your purchases (less than $15 per year!) or sign up with a Pro Membership (less than $50 per year) and get wholesale prices and earn at least 10% on purchases made by your referrals!  Be sure to follow Healthy Home Company on Facebook, Twitter and Pinterest to learn more!

Tweezers from Crave Naturals that Actually Get the Job Done!

I have had (and am having) laser hair removal on several parts of my body as my European background brings with it, a lot of unwanted body hair.  Typically I wax, shave and tweeze and often times I am left frustrated my dull or non-precise tweezers.  I received the Precisio Tweezers from Crave Naturals in exchange for my honest opinion.

What did I think of the Precisio Tweezers?

The Precisio Tweezers are hands down, the best tweezers I have used to date!  They have the perfect slant for getting to stubborn hairs that other tweezers miss and are also great for grabbing those hairs that go ingrown.  The tension on these tweezers is great, too, as it allows for you to easily pluck more fine hairs and eliminates the stress on your hand.  I have been using these exclusively for removing unwanted body hair, but could easily see them being great in a first aid kit for removal of things like splinters or ticks.  In fact, I will likely pick up a second pair just for that purpose since they do have a lifetime guarantee that Crave Naturals stands behind – that includes on the sharpness, too!

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The Best Way to Say Anything: Fruit Bouquets from Edible Arrangements

Twice a year at work, we have our busiest time of the year – in fact, we are so busy that our sales people somewhat take pity on us and send us treats.  The one treat that everyone in the office looks forward to most is, the Edible Arrangements fruit bouquet!  It is the one treat that arrives that you can guarantee that when the email goes out, there will be mass movement to the conference room with adults declaring “dibs” on certain pieces of fruit!  Which makes it all the more exciting that I received a fruit bouquet from Edible Arrangements in exchange for my honest opinion.

Edible Arrangements Fruit Bouquets are the perfect way to say "thanks", Happy Birthday and more!

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Notabag Reusable Bags Giveaway

Notabag Reusable Bag Giveaway!

Sponsored by: Notabag

Hosted by:  Savory Savings 

Notabag Reusable Bag Giveaway September 1 - 15

Do you try to take bags with you when you are out and about in case you go shopping?  If you don't, is it because it can be a pain to haul around bulky bags?  Well, now you can take a Notabag – a revolutionary reusable bag that can be a shoulder tote or backpack AND it folds up neatly and compactly!  This lightweight, water resistant bag is perfect for on the go!  Krista over at Savory Savings recently had a chanec to review a Notabag and shared her thoughts in a review!

How would you like to win Notabag reusable bags for yourself??  If you would like a chance to win, enter with the Giveaway Tool below.  If you have won a Notabag giveaway anytime from another blog in the last 12 months, you are not eligible to win this giveaway.  The giveaway will run from September 1 through September 15, 2014 at 11 PM CST and is open to US and Canadian residents, ages 18 and older.  Entries will be verified.  Winners will be notified via email (consider adding to your safe list) – winner will have 48 hours to respond and claim prize or another winner will be selected.

Good Luck!

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Two-in-One Reusable Bag from Notabag is a Must Have!

When I am out and about shopping either at a Farmer’s Market or the mall, I like to bring my own bags so that I can cut back on my carbon footprint.  One of the problems I have is the amount of space bringing several of these bags can take up, as well as the lack of choice on how to carry the bags.  I received the Notabag reusable bag two-in-one in exchange for my honest opinion and I love it! 

Notabag Reusable Bag, Backpack and Tote

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Save on Gas, Groceries and More with #HyVeeSaves

** This is a sponsored post and I received compensation for my time writing the following post.**

You all know how I love to save money – but I also love, love, LOVE to shop!  So whenever I can maximize my savings by thinking ahead, I jump at the chance! Right now HyVee stores are helping you save when you purchase gift cards from stores like JC Penny, Lane Bryant, Xbox and more!  What I love about this deal is that my credit card offers a cash back option for sales at the grocery store – so if I stock up on gift cards for purchases that I would make anyways, or for gifts (the holiday season is FAST approaching!!), I can save even more!  For me, I think that will involve a few $50 Xbox gift cards for my brothers and a $50 gift card to Lane Bryant for myself so that I can beef up my winter wardrobe.  By making these purchases at HyVee instead of directly from the store itself, I can not only garner the additional cash back (plus my regular points – yahoo!), but HyVee will reward me at the pump, too – so I can save on gas!  With up to $0.20 off per gallon when I purchase a $50 gift card, I may get two so that I can take both cars to the gas station and fill up!  Or maybe I’ll just grab a Cold Stone Creamery gift card and treat the girls and myself to a saving money celebration ice cream sundae!

#HyVeeSaves purchase gift cards from HyVee to save money at the pump!

**Photo courtesy from sponsor of this post.

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Get your Ice Cream Fix at Walgreens with Unilever Ice Cream products!

**This post was sponsored by Global Influence**

As a little girl, one of my favorite memories is a collective one.  When I was about five years old, my mom went to night school to get an associate’s degree.  We had moved in with my grandma for help and those are some of my most treasured memories.  But something we did every night at 7:00 PM sticks out as one of the happiest.  At 6:45, my grandma would look at me and say “it’s time” and I would run as fast as my little legs would carry me into my room to change into my pajamas and then run to the bathroom quick.  When I would come back out, grandma always had a bowl of vanilla ice cream for me (two scoops!) and one for her.  We would go into the living room and turn on her big tube TV to watch Wheel of Fortune together and try to guess the phrases before the contestants.  Every night I would stir and stir and stir my ice cream until I got just the right consistency and would offer to share my “ice cream soup” with grandma – she politely declined every night, but that didn’t stop me from asking.  I always thought that this exercise would make my ice cream (and the night) last longer.  Even if the show ended at 7:30 every night (which is did) and I had to go brush my teeth and get into bed (which I did), I looked forward to our ice cream and Wheel of Fortunate time each night. Some nights in the summer, she would make it extra special by handing me two quarters and letting me run out to the ice cream truck to get something special (I almost always chose the Snoopy pop) and that was such a fun feeling!

Walgreens Ice Cream Deals

While I haven’t implemented a nightly TV show and ice cream night with my girls, I do share my love of ice cream with them!  In fact, now that the weather is changing, they are wondering how we will get ice cream if the ice cream truck stops coming – but guess what?  They don’t need to worry about that!  We have a neighborhood Walgreens that is just a mere two blocks from our house and they have a full stock of fun Unilever ice creams for us to buy and try such as Magnum, Breyers, Klondike, Frutare, and Popsicle!  Even better, when you shop at Walgreens, you earn Rewards Points and after saving enough points, you can use your points to buy more ice cream (I recommend Breyer’s – they have some great flavors!!  Hello -Oreo!)

Tell me in the comments what your favorite flavor of ice cream or your favorite ice cream memory!